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Welcome to Western Horse UK, the online and print resource for all western riders through out the UK and abroad. We are committed to bringing you the best in western horsemanship from internationally acclaimed trainers, coaches and industry experts with award winning editorial, photography and design.

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western riding horsemanshipFind everything you need to know about western horsemanship from masters including Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, Monty Roberts, Julie Goodnight and more. From working on the ground to advanced riding techniques, our stellar line up of world-class horsemen will help you create a partnership with your horse. Featuring help for common behavioural problems, insights into how the horse’s mind works and training tips for enhancing your communication with your horse.

western riding trainingWe pride ourselves on our training pages and have an incredible list of contributors from the UK and abroad including Patrick Hopgood, Tina Kaven, Michael Langford, Bob Mayhew, Lou Roper and many more. We have articles to appeal to all levels of western horse and rider, and in all disciplines including western pleasure, trail and reining. Our training pages have won awards for their clarity of design and content and we love hearing how the information they contain has helped readers on their western horsemanship journey.

western riding coachingIt’s not just a buzz word! We believe in coaching and are happy to bring our readers support and inspiration from a team of influential western riding coaches including Al Dunning, Linda Durocher, Bob Mayhew and Pauline Brimson. Our coaching pages are full of motivational tips to empower western riders to improve and reach their goals.

western riding on the trailIt’s great to hear how many western riders in the UK love to get out and about on their horses and explore the countryside. If you like adventures on horseback and want to read about other fellow trail riding enthusiasts then dive into our Out & About pages which include excellent articles from US horsecamping guru Bonnie Davis and more!

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