November/December WHUK

It’s a wrap!

We’ve spent the weekend locked away in the office, putting the final touches to the November/December issue. Today, we hand all the articles over to the design team and from there, it will go to printers and mailers. The edition will land on doorsteps (and appear in your devices, if you use the digital app) the 2nd week of November.

This is one of our favourite issues of the year, as it includes the Champions Special. We have included updates from many of the associations and some great photos from LRG Photography and Figure 8.

We are delighted to have a substantial Showmanship article from Charlene Carter, in which she walks you through a pattern with some great tips for each manoeuvre -- nothing is left to chance.

Having covered Kate’s Yorkshire challenge in WHUK news in the run up to the event, we hear directly from Kate about the highs and lows of organising the challenge, which she successfully completed in October. There is still time to donate to the charities that Kate is collecting for: Dogs for the Blind and UK Kidney Patients Association.


“It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas”

This issue is the final issue before the last Christmas post, so it’s time for some serious shopping to make sure all of your pressies are delivered before Christmas. We have lots of gift ideas for you from our favourite UK western retailers.


Our much loved regulars

Al Dunning discusses the up and downs of showing horses and life-long learning.

Julie Goodnight talks about confidence and how to regain it when it is lost.

Richard Winters touches on the importance of understanding equine phycology.


Horsemanship Journal

Don’t forget to turn over and take a look at the Horsemanship Journal. We have two large features in this issue. The first is a thorough look at different methods of boarding horses to ensure their wellbeing. The second is a feature on the relatively new Cowboy Dressage movement. We were lucky enough to meet Eitan at his recent UK clinic.


Reader Survey

You may be wondering what the outcome of the reader survey was. Well, we are still accepting survey responses, so it is too soon to include updates in this issue. We are looking closely at the responses and have added questions based on feedback from readers. If you haven’t already completed the survey, there is still time and we'd love to hear your feedback. 

Theresa McCaffrey