Create Amazing Display Adverts

There's nothing worse than working on your beautiful advert design only to be told that you got the dimension wrong by the editor! A change of a few millimetres can mean that you have to re-think the whole design.

Even worse you have a design that looks stunning on screen but then fails to wow when you see it in print.

Western Horse UK & Horsemanship Journal Requirements

  • FULL PAGE: 210mm x 280mm + 5mm bleed. 

  • HALF PAGE HORIZONTAL: 210mm x 140mm + 5mm bleed

  • HALF PAGE VERTICAL: 105mm x 280mm + 5mm bleed

Creating artwork for print can get a bit technical, but if you want to achieve the crisp impactful advert that you envisioned, then it is essential to take the time and understand specifications that the print publication requires. Also if you are using a graphic designer, don't assume that they will know the details from previous experience, while most magazines have broadly the same requirements there may be some differences and not every graphic designer has experience of producing artwork for print.

Here are our tips and requirements for creating ads that will print the way you expect them to; but first let's talk about Bleed, Trim and Type:

Trim is the final page size after it has been cut at the printers. 

Bleed is the margin for error in case the page is cut a millimetre or two in the wrong direction. We allow 5mm extra on all four sides to ensure that no white edges make it into the final product.

Type is the area that essential images or text should stay within; this ensures that the important text or pictures are not lost in the trimming process.

Critical Requirements:
All artwork must be provided with the bleed
All artwork must be supplied as a PDF
All artwork must be supplied as 300dpi
All artwork must be supplied as CMYK
All artwork must be supplied with the fonts embedded

Use InDesign or Illustrator (or equivalent), while there are some great free tools for creating artwork they are not intended for print, for example, one our favourites for use online is PicMonkey, but we never use this for print.

Adobe tools are great and many of you may have Photoshop, but please don't be tempted to use Photoshop to create a print advert. While Photoshop is an excellent tool for editing images, we do not recommend it for creating PDFs for print as all text and logos will be rasterised.

If you prefer, one of our experienced designers can create an attractive and effective advert for you. Prices start from £30 depending on the size and complexity, contact Mel for more information: 01245 939001

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