2018 Editorial Guidelines & Submission Dates

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General Guidelines

Western Horse UK welcomes your story and photography submissions; in fact, we encourage it. 

Our community pages include; events, society news, show news and team news. These are provided for the UK western riding community to promote western and share news within the western riding community. Show and society news should be a maximum of 750 words and minimum of 300.

If you run a society, show circuit or riding club then please send us your updates by the deadlines listed.

‘Out and About’ is an opportunity for you to report on your latest trail ride or horse adventure. Out and About stories should be maximum of 1400 words and minimum of 750.

We reserve the right to edit for length, style and accuracy. Please submit articles in word format and email to theresa@westernhorseuk.com


Issue Deadline

  • Jan/Feb Printed

  • Mar/Apr Printed

  • May/Jun 28th May 2018

  • Jul/Aug 23rd July 2018

  • Sep/Oct 24th September 2018

  • Nov/Dec 26th November 2018

PhotographyArticles should be accompanied with relevant digital photography, these need to be high resolution. Photographs taken with mobile phones are unlikely to be of sufficient quality to print in the magazine. Photographs should be 300dpi, generally this will be the case of the photograph size is greater than 1MB. Please ensure that you have permission to send us the photograph or advise us that the photograph needs to be credited to a photographer.

Advertise in Western Horse UK If you are interested in reaching an audience of active UK western riders and horse owners, please contact Mel Barber 01245 939001 mel@westernhorseuk.com

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