22ND 23RD 24TH OCTOBER 2019

Aibado: The Way of Blending with Horses - An interactive one-on-one seminar with Mark Rashid.

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In the end, I believe it’s all about achieving internal balance in both ourselves and our horses.

Mark Rashid began working with horses at 10 years old, when he met “an old man” who showed him there was a way to work with the horse, not against, and to listen to what the horse was trying to say. 

This eventually led to the study the of the martial art of aikido to improve himself and his horsemanship. He now teaches the “way of harmony” in the local dojo.  The combination of horsemanship and marital arts has enabled Mark to share new ways of connecting with horses throughout the world via his bestselling books, DVD’s and clinics.  

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The Aibado horseless seminar will develop feel, interaction, movement and balance between you and your equine partner - and within yourself.  Focusing upon self-confidence, and connection, alongside the fundamentals of overall fitness, self-protection during a fall or attack and improvement of feel, timing, blending, balance and breathing.

This seminar will help you to take care of your own body and work with your core, whilst helping you learn how to develop a quiet mind. 

Aikido is a martial art that will be used to help participants learn how to move and work with their core. Along with these exercises and techniques, you will also learn how to roll and fall correctly. This will help decrease, or eliminate, the fear of falling from our horses, which in turn increases confidence and helps minimizes the risk of serious injury.

Through group and self-defence practice, you will find renewed confidence in your own skills and learn how to respond appropriately to situations instead of simply reacting.  This feeds into horsemanship by demonstrating how a quiet, thinking mind responds appropriately not only when things go well and but also when they go not so well.  The more prepared we are, the more confident we feel and the less we fear.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend time with this renowned horseman whilst he is in the UK.  Last few spaces remaining!

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