2019 July/August

2019 July/August


Hello and welcome to the August issue of Western Horse UK.

We are excited to bring you a rare interview with Buck Brannaman. Our features editor, Kate, seized

the opportunity to spend some time chatting with Buck at the clinic in Aintree. Jane Hedge shares

with us her experience of taking part in the Buck Brannaman UK clinic with her horse, Lizzi.

Introducing Ben Longwell of True West Horsemanship, Ben will be writing regularly for us and in his

first article he shares his thoughts on training a horse to respond to us when afraid, instead of simply

reacting to their environment.

Joe Midgley writes about working gates, this feature is accompanied by a training video in our new

subscribers only area on the Western Horse UK website. Visit www.westernhorseuk.com and in the

blogs section look for ‘subscriber content’, you will need to request access to this exclusive area of

the website.

Note from Brandon

Correction: In my previous article about the spade bit, I stated that the Bosalito/Bosalita was 3/4 of

an inch in diameter. This was a typo on my part - the Bosalito is actually 3/8 of an inch in diameter. If

you look at the pictures of my horse wearing his bridle, you will see that his Bosalito is 3/8 of an inch

(a bosalito 3/4 of an inch could never fit under the bridle - however if someone did manage to fit

one, that would be quite a spectacle to behold!)

I would hate to have inadvertently misinformed someone of this simple fact and I hope I have made amends here.

Hello and welcome to the August issue of Horsemanship Journal, 

Summer is ending and the darker nights will soon be upon us. We hope you are making the

most of the remaining good weather and getting out and about with your trusty steeds. If

the bad weather hits, be sure to snuggle indoors and enjoy this month’s issue.

Slow down the hustle and bustle of life as Tracey Dean explains to us The Trust Technique,

and the benefits it can have for both you and your horse.

International Dressage rider Olivia Towers opens up to us about becoming a vlogging

sensation, and how staying authentic to herself has been pivotal to her and her horse’s


This year’s Horsemanship Showcase is fast approaching. We spoke to Larisa and Nicole from

Organised Equestrian about their vision for the event.

Does the thought of hacking make you quake in your boots? Quake no more, as Jody Ruysen

takes you through ‘how to prepare your horse to hit the trail’ and be a partner in the


Ever wondered what it is like to be a saddle fitter? We delve into Sam Jamieson’s story and

find out what it takes.

Regular authors Ross Cooper and Bev Walton both give us a hefty dose of horsemanship and

training advice, while new author Rebecca Harrison turns the focus to valuing softness with

our horses.

We really hope you enjoy this issue, let us know what you have been doing with your


Happy Trails!


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