2017 July/August

2017 July/August

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Welcome to the August issue of Western Horse UK. Firstly, I would like to thank the roving reporters who provided articles for this issue. Christine Ellis has written a report on the Warwick Schiller clinic, and Jerri Naish tells us about the Amateur European Cup. If you would like to write an article on an event or adventure, don't be shy and get in touch.

Don't miss the final, 'Bob's Comment', after nearly ten years of writing for Western Horse UK Bob has decided to retire his column. The WHUK team, past and present, thank Bob for his support and articles.

Our regular trainers Julie Goodnight, Al Dunning and Richard Winters, cover everything from trusting your intuition, exercises for Ranch Riding and working with young riders. Joe Midgley discusses how to get your horse genuinely soft, through rider lightness and consistency.

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Don’t forget you also get Horsemanship Journal, where we have a reader report from the Buck Brannaman clinic and articles from Franklin Levinson and Martin Black.

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