2018 March/April

2018 March/April


I don't know about everyone else but this year's wet weather has left me nursing various hoof/weather related issues, so I have taken the opportunity to put hoof health questions to vet Nikki which she answers on pages 14 and 15. Spring also means that show season is just around the corner, our training articles include: Balance and Confidence with Al Dunning and Joe Wolter discusses the purpose of the flag in training. If you have a new horse to show this year then Julie Goodnight covers building a positive relationship with a new horse. For those of you that prefer to go out and about with your horse, Joe Midgley looks at the benefits trail riding can have, both on you and your horse. We also have our holiday special, with a review of the US ranch holiday at Tanque Verde, Callie King has 5 tips for an unforgettable riding vacation and Tiffany from the RideFit academy has some exercises to get you ready for your riding vacation. Don't forget to turn to the community section for updates from the UK's member associations and trainer interview with Sally Heron.

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We are delighted to have the second article in the in the Calming Signal series, in this issue Rachaël Draaisma explores whether or not horses are emotional eaters.

 Ross Cooper walks us through helping our horses to be responsive rather reactive by establishing behavioural patterns.

Amazing Grace is another inspiring read from Franklin Levinson, he writes about finding joy through compassionate and successful horsemanship.

Karen Allott brings us her follow-up article on Rider weight, based on the latest pilot study led by Dr Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Animal Health Trust's Centre for Equine Studies.

The Non-Ridden Equine, we first covered this new association last year which continues to grow in popularity and now has groups all over the world. The association's founder Vicki Jayne Yates explains why the Non-Ridden agenda is so important in her latest article.

Introducing our newest contributor Alessia Pagani; a horsewoman from Italy, in her first article for Horsemanship Journal Alessia looks at the Art and Craft of Horsemanship.

We have many more articles in this issue and don't forget to turn to Western Horse UK.  We also have more articles, information and offers on the website; visit horsemanship-journal.com to see what's new.