Our Team

Together we produce two great magazine titles packed with beautifully designed articles for western riders and those interested in their horse/human relationship.


Mel Barber

Marketing & Sales

As an entrepreneur who has owned successful retail businesses for over 20 years in Northumberland, Mel oversaw all business activities including accounting, customer service, sales & marketing. For four years Mel made a change to work in direct sales & discovered it’s certainly difficult to work for someone else & she missed being her own boss!

So here she is, part-owner of a publishing company drawing on her many years of experience to help other businesses expand and thrive with better brand marketing & social media connections.


Theresa and Duke.jpg

Theresa McCaffrey


Theresa has been riding since she was at school & switched to western following a ranch holiday in 2001. Theresa has either shared or owned quarter horses ever since. Theresa has been the Editor of Western Horse UK & Horsemanship Journal since 2015; she has also previously owned a western clothing store.

Theresa is also an experienced Business Process Six Sigma Black Belt & Project Manager working in the automotive industry, with a particular focus on data initiatives including privacy, analytics & insights.



Kate Mclaughlin

Features Editor

Kate has always loved horses and writing, successfully combining both passions from a young age. A background in brand management and keen equestrian, Kate became a BHSAI and had a successful dressage career, but her path changed course once she was introduced to the world of horsemanship and western riding.  This marked the beginning of a life’s work pursuing the art of Vaquero horsemanship and documenting her journey riding with Buck Brannaman in the UK.  The success of her ‘Road to Buck’ blog led Kate to write for other large equestrian publications, expanding her portfolio and reach, but ultimately her heart always belonged with us!



Vee Smith


Vee is a perfectionist with an eagle eye for errors; she takes the raw copy submitted by feature writers & prepares it for publication.