Once in a lifetime opportunity - THIS WEEKEND!

Ross JacobsWe have just heard that western horsemaster Ross Jacobs is in the UK this weekend! Due to some changes in plans he is available for consultation in the South East for lessons or help with horses from 29 June - 1 July. Ross is based in Australia and has studied with the greats including Buck Brannaman and Harry Whitney. He is also the author and doctor of Physiology. Ross has a keen eye for the biomechanics of the horse and can help with anything from young horses needing to build up their basics, through problem solving and confidence building to high-level competition horses looking to tweak their performance. This is a unique opportunity to ride with Ross in this country with lessons at £50 / hour. Visit www.goodhorsemanship.com.au for more on Ross. Make sure to check out some of his articles here. Contact Ben Moxton if you are interested in riding with Ross on 07812 980573. Hurry, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!