Hay Play

The innovative Hay Play ball is an excellent way to keep your horse entertained and feed forage at the same time.  The ball is 43 cm in diameter; its shape means that it can be easily pushed around by your horse but at the same time it will not run away down a slope.  You simply fill it with hay or haylage and let your horse play! It can hold 3 Kg of hay so is a great way to give your horse forage and is useful for those who want to keep their horse eating but don’t want them to eat too much at once.  Additionally, the horse is eating in a more natural grazing position.  It can be used in the field or the stable (but remember, don’t use it in your arena - eating sand can lead to colic).  
My horse gets easily bored and needs to be entertained, he is very intelligent which is great when I’m training him but not when he is left to his own devises!  He needs to be occupied and when he isn’t can even become quite destructive or at least finds his own ways to amuse himself.  This Hay Play ball proved very effective in keeping him entertained as well as keeping with his forage based diet.  The Hay Play ball is made of sturdy plastic that is available in many colours (red, blue, pink, purple, green and yellow).  It stood up to him pounding it with his hooves and being bashed around very well.  It was challenging enough for him that it kept his attention, but not so challenging that he got either frustrated or lost interest.  

The Hay Play ball is a perfect for those who want to give their horse something to do.  It is especially useful for those who like a forage based diet.  For more information visit: www.horsehayfeeder.co.uk