Jaton Lord - Legacy of Legends Mentor

Carrying on the traditions of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt

The legacy of Legends is a scholarship program co-founded by Carolyn Hunt and Buck Brannaman and aims to pair students with horsemen and women who are carrying on the teachings of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

In our series of articles, we meet the Legacy of Legends Mentors that are travelling to the UK to teach clinics; these articles will appear in both of our magazines; Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal and posted across our websites. To make sure you don't miss any of these articles sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when we publish anything new.

Over the summer we will get to know: Jaton Lord, Tom Wolter, and Buck Brannaman.


Jaton Lord: Legacy of Legends Mentor

Jaton is the grandson of Ray and Carolyn Hunt, travelling with them and riding under Ray’s tutelage from an early age. Jaton also worked on the family ranch in southern Idaho, competed in High School Rodeo and started colts for the ranch along and worked with clients.

After finishing school, he went to work for Reined Cow Horse trainers Annie Reynolds and Doug Williamson. Then starting out on his own as Jaton Lord Performance Horses. Among the futurity horses he now has in training are several Colts started at the Legacy of Legends Gathering. 

Ray Hunt was Tom Dorrance’s protégé; he had a way of explaining Dorrance's teachings in a way that people could better understand. In a 2014 interview with Horse and Rider Jaton spoke of the things he learned from his Grandpa and his early memories of Tom Dorrance:

“Grandpa always said to use your brain,” he says. “Think about stuff. Even when he signed his name, he put ‘Think’ next to it. When you stop using your mind with a horse, that’s when stuff doesn’t go well.”

“Tom had a way of lightening a mood and bringing out the best in horses and people. He particularly wanted to make things interesting for the horse so that the animal would feel part of a team—and therefore work with you.”

Jaton is holding three clinics in the North of England this summer, organised by Clive Johnson Horsemanship. “Riders will learn what horsemanship means, and what is best for them and their horse." says Clive, "They will also learn how easy it is to have a functional, successful relationship with their companion, using techniques used by some of the best horsemen in the world.”

Jaton Lord UK Clinics 2017

11-12 August - Cumbria

14-15th August - Doncaster

18-19th August - Richmond

To book: http://clivejohnsonhorsemanship.tictail.com/


Look out for future issues of Western Horse UK where we will chat with Jaton, if you have any questions that you would like us to ask please go ahead and put them in the comments. 


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