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Bob's Comment - July 2017

I think I can safely speak for Roger Wells too. In saying when we had the dream of making western riding a respected discipline (back circa 1983): a coloured magazine, major sponsors, instructors everywhere, shows and clinics the length and breadth of the countryside was in our dreams, and so it is amazing. I am so thrilled that this has now become a reality.

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Bob's Comment - March 2017

I'd forgotten that moving house was so stressful, but was quickly reminded when we were given two weeks’ notice. Thankfully, with the help of friends, family, and our excellent removal team — Move Fast, aka, Steve Hart, former owner of Quarter Horse Rio — it was successfully completed on time. Twenty-seven years of successful breeding, shoeing, and training came to an end on the 24th February. Wye Oak Quarter Horses finally closed its doors.

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Bob's Comment - January 2017

The new year brings with it a load of things to tick off on your to-do list before the show season arrives ahead of our mental schedule.

First, check the 2017 rule books (many of which are online) as nearly all have had minor or major changes that will be effective as of now. It would seem rather a waste of an entry fee to fall foul of one of these changes

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Bob's Comment - October 2016

As winter now approaches and our show season is over, it is time to appraise your efforts for this year. My suggestion is to take time out and write down all or any of the problems that you have had in low-scoring rounds so that you have a master plan to work on before next season. Remember, spring is only a few months away and if we take out Christmas, and bad weather days, we have probably got only six weeks left to get into shape for next year’s show season.

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Bob's Comment - September 2016

There is no doubt that the growth of western riding, the Quarter Horse and Paint Horse Associations, and British Reining Horse Association would never have been so prolific, save for the efforts WES has made and continues to make. The many trainers and instructors would not be around, and the enthusiasm to ride western would not be so buoyant if it wasn't for WES members putting the “1860s cowboy movie ghost” to rest.

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Summer of Reining at the CS Ranch in Givrins, Switzerland

Givrins (Switzerland), June 10, 2016 - This coming August contains a firework of high class reining sports. Two weeks at the CS Ranch in Givrins,  from August 4-6 and August 11-13. Under the patronage SVAG, CS Classic and organised by the experienced team of the CS Ranch. The NRHA SVAG CS Maturity & NRHA Show, the SVAG FEI European Reining Championships Young & Junior Riders 2016 and – the highlight - the SVAG FEI World Reining Championships 2016.

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Bob's Comment - June 2016

I feel very privileged to be accorded the honour of judging the 25th anniversary WES championship show. I hope as many of you as possible will put the date in your diary and attend, either astride or on foot! I am sure a large proportion of you readers started western riding through the efforts of WES. Over the years, the society has probably been ‘responsible’ for a lot of sales of the American Quarter Horse as during the early days there was only one annual Quarter Horse show and three major WES shows.

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London New Years Day Parade 2016

On New Years day rather than staying home and watching more Only Fools and Horses reruns we instead headed into London to meet the AQHA UK riders who were taking part in the New Years Day parade. We walked from Oxford Circus down to Green Park where they were getting ready. On the way every side street had participants of the parade getting reading, steel bands, dancers, mini steam engines, marching bands and giant inflatables. The noises were loud and varied, not conditions I would like to ride in!

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Bob's Comment - November 2015

It’s that time of the year – no not Christmas – it’s time to appraise your efforts over the last ten months and set your goals for next year.

Take a notepad and jot down all of the things that went wrong at shows you attended. Was there a regular problem cropping up that you missed? Or were there many various problematic scenarios? Then put down what you did to try to correct these.

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European Championships 2015

In he came, walking well, around the corner and lost a back leg, my heart lurched but he didn’t break. The rest of the pattern was a smooth blur; his extended jog was sublime as was his pole work. Fast walk after the poles, don’t forget to back up—he didn’t. I had written all the previous scores down and was listening hard for his, it came and it was the highest.

I stood and clapped and cried. Sarah beckoned me over and said in the smallest voice I have ever heard: “Did I hear that right?” She had and we cried some more.

David Deptford and Heir To A Jay, owned by Eleanor Deptford, European Junior Ranch Riding Champion 2015. It was the first time that the British National Anthem had been played since 2010. What a result!

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Top Score 152 for Denis Pini and All About Pep in Bio S.I. World Cup NCHA Cutting Open final

Latest from Americana 2015: The winner of the BIO S.I. World Cup Cutting Open final was Denis Pini aboard his 7-year-old American Quarter Horse stallion All About Pepwho scored a 152 in front of 4,800 visitors at AMERICANA.

Denis Pini last won the prestigious cutting in 2013 aboard Playlite (owner: Michal Popov), whom he rode to third place in this final scoring a 148.

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Bob's Comment - August 2017

We are halfway through the show season and according to Facebook , most riders seem to be extremely happy with their efforts and achievements, so super, well done. For my part it seems that lessons and clinics are moving to higher levels so these are exciting times. It is nice to know that my two youth riders that I have been coaching these last two years in conjunction with one mother and one uncle, have performed well…..well enough to catch the eyes of other trainers and selectors, so there is still some life in this “old parrot” yet!

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