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Saddling Up

Follow our step-bystep guide and get your horse saddled with the minimum of fuss.1 Tie your horse up before saddling. If he is a fidget you may want to get him used to being cross tied using two lead ropes clipped to either side of his halter and attached to two sturdy posts.

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Bits and Bridles

The Western bridle is made up of three main parts: the headstall, the bit and the reins. The headstall consists of a head or crown piece, cheek pieces and, sometimes, a brow band and throatlatch, which help hold the bridle in place.

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Tack & EquipmentWHUK
Rope Halter

Tied correctly, a simple rope halter can be an invaluable groundwork training aid. I think of a rope halter as a training aid. It allows you to apply enough pressure on a horse’s face to get his attention and/or gain control.

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