The Quarter Pony


QUARTER PONIES IN THE UK! - The UK’s very own Western Performance Pony Association (WPPA) has now become an affiliate of the International Quarter Pony Association. For more on the Quarter Pony in the UK visit or contact the UK representative, Gillian James on 01507 568273


Thanks to the unique qualities of the Quarter Pony, this pint sized breed is finally making its mark in Europe

Height: 11.2hh-14.2hh, with 13.2hh being the average

Conformation: Short, broad head with small ears and wide set eyes. Slightly arched neck with sloping shoulders, sharp withers and a broad, deep chest. Short back with broad, deep hind quarters

Uses: All western riding activities (especially good for children), jumping and dressage

The Quarter Pony was developed in the USA in the 1960s to recognise Quarter Horses that did not make the height of 14.2hh, and were thus not able to be registered. That height restriction is no longer in force however the Quarter Pony has become a distinct breed of its own, celebrating the looks, versatility and competitive skills of the Quarter Horse with the stamina and temperament of the several excellent riding ponies that were introduced to the foundation stock. Quarter Pony breeders focus on producing stock that emulates the American Quarter Horse build but on a smaller scale, with ponies standing at between 11.2hh and 14.2hh (the average being 13.2hh). The tenacity and stamina of the pony breeds are also selected for and have been introduced and refined over the Quarter Pony’s short history. In the beginning of the development of the breed only solid colours were accepted but now, depending on the registry, the Quarter Pony may display Paint Horse or Appaloosa patterning.



The Quarter pony is recognised by several breed registries that each have different requirements:

The American Quarter Pony Association (AQPA)

_ Parentage may be unknown

_The pony must have conformation that is desirable for breeding and be easily recognisable as having Quarter Pony or Quarter Horse breeding

_ Pinto, appaloosa and white horses are not eligible, nor are gaited animals

The National Quarter Pony Association (NQPA)

_ Stallions must be registered with the AQHA before they can be registered with the NQPA

_ Mares must have one parent registered with the AQHA, be registered with the AQHA themselves, or go through a special registration process _ Geldings simply have to be of Quarter Horse type

_ Horses with pinto or appaloosa markings, or with excessive white, are not eligible

The International Quarter Pony Association (IQPA)

_Animals must be of Quarter-type conformation and have a good disposition

_ Pinto and appaloosa markings are accepted

_Any type of pony meeting these requirements may be registered through the Hardship Registration Program, which includes an inspection. However, if ponies have a parent registered with an approved breed registry (Quarter Pony, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Appaloosa or Pony of the Americas) they may be registered with no inspection

_ Crosses with gaited breeds are not accepted



Blues Starlight is the palomino IQPA Quarter Pony reining stallion pictured. He is owned by Karin Tillisch, Germany, and has shown in reining throughout Europe and attended the first European Quarter Pony Congress this year at ‘Equi Expo’ in Saarbrucken, Germany. For more on Starlight visit